Decent Work — one step to a Decent Life

HR/Employment service

DWI is on one hand aiming at securing that employers are provided with work force that has the needed skills and qualifications. On the other hand we are aiming at securing jobseekers with better jobs and decent working conditions. This approach is rather unique in the field of employment matching.

DWI is assisting employers on HR issues, especially in searching for cadres at all levels. We can match your needs with well-qualified work force and in return we expect that decent working conditions are provided. Our philosophy is that those employers who cheat on the working conditions are creating unfair competitions with those employers who play according to the rules.

Through our network in the NIS countries are we able to find work force which exactly meets your needs. If very special qualifications are needed, we can arrange for pre-departure training and selection based on training/testing results. The pre-departure training is a very cost efficient way of finding the right staff for your organization. The training will take place in recognized local training institutions. Curricula for basic training programs are in place. If you have special needs, it can easily be adjusted to fit your demands. The pre-departure training is not only a benefit for the inviting company, but also for the individual migrant as he/she will be certain that the skills obtained are exactly those required by the future employer. Too many migrants are today ending up in a situation where their skills do not meet the request and therefore end up offering themselves as daily workers in the street and being extremely exploited by non-serious employers.

DWI sees as a natural part of our business to make efforts to minimize the exploitation of migrant workers. Decent Work is a right for all. We are cooperating with trade unions, lawyers and other NGO’s to find ways to assist the migrant workers in benefiting from these rights.