Decent Work — one step to a Decent Life

Consultancy and training

Every region of the world has its specifics which demand specific approaches if you want to assist the further development of the countries of the region.

In the NIS countries we have developed our expertise in the field of gender, migration, labour relations, remunerations systems, vocational training and organizational development and modernization. We see these fields of intervention essential for development further reforms in direction of achieving decent work for all.

All the experts linked to our Moscow branch have deep insight into legal, economical, political and social affairs of the region. The fact that most of them have been living for several years in the region gives them a unique understanding of the cultural background on which activities are to be implemented. This means that they can help you to develop activities which are in line with local traditions and ethical codes, and at the same time bring new inspiration and ideas into the community.

Many labour market related issues need a very specific approach in this region. Most institutions are in place, but often they do not have the capacity to implement existing legislation. Our experts are ready to assist in building up the needed capacity.

Whatever you are looking for an expert to develop a project document, implement a project or evaluate an intervention, we do have the right person for you. If it is a bigger intervention we can compose a team of experts that can take on the job.

If you want to conduct a capacity analysis of a potential partner ex. before granting a project we are capable to provide a 100% independent, fair but critical assessment.

You are also welcome to contact us, if you need consultations before, during or after an intervention. Our experts can prepare background information or conduct research activities. We have contacts with independent research institutions in the all countries of the region.

If you need a trainer for a seminar we can through our widespread network find the person who will meet your and the participants expectations.

We help you to make a difference!